Why Hardwood Flooring Stands Out Among Other Flooring Options

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One of the best ways to decorate your residence is to choose a good floor finish. Wood floors are becoming increasingly common in residential homes, owing to their vast array of benefits. Hardwood floors, in particular, have found their niche in the residential development projects, with homeowners savoring their unique beauty and timeless charm. The following are some of the reasons the hardwood flooring will continue to stand out in the contemporary home renovation and development arena:

Thermal comfort
Wood is a poor conductor of heat. While the wood flooring takes time to warm up during the day, it holds on to the warmth during the night. Such qualities enable the hardwood flooring to save on heating costs in the temperate climates. In addition, wooden floors are a favorite among the people who love to install heating appliances below the floor surface. Other flooring options such as tiles and cement screed lose the heat fast, meaning that they can be extremely cold during the winter. Wood is, therefore, the ultimate flooring option for a vast array of people across the globe.

Phenomenal beauty
Hardwood floors are some of the most beautiful elements of interior design. While hardwoods come in all shapes and sizes, they have one thing in common. These floor finishes have beautiful grains and knots that look impeccable and unique. The hardwoods come in a large spectrum of shades that suit a broad range of indoor applications. Fortunately, it is quite easy to vary the appearance of the wood flooring by applying a darker stain according to your preferences.

Home renovation contractors are very creative when it comes to customizing a hardwood floor to your tastes and preferences. You can use wide planks to showcase the natural wood grains or choose from a variety of cutting options. These wood cutting options include live sawn, quarter sawn, herringbone, and parquet. Customization is a good thing is you are not hoping to sell your home in the future. While wooden floors can add immense value to a home, you might struggle to find a buyer if you customize the floor to your preferences. Therefore, as you install the wood floor, follow your instincts, but do not go overboard if you are looking to sell your home at a profit in future.

Wood laminates vs. hardwood floors
Alternatively, you can use a laminate floor to mimic the natural appearance of wood. However, laminate floors cannot match the original hardwoods in terms of durability. Laminates are MDFs that have an image that resembles the natural wood. Unfortunately, laminates are susceptible to water damage since they are highly absorbent. Hardwood floors, on the other hand, offer a certain degree of resistance against water damage since they do not absorb the spills. For additional resources, you may be able to learn more at the Relative Space website.

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