Hottest Wedding Caterer Trends for 2017

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Before hiring a caterer for your upcoming wedding, you’ll want to do your research. This lets you hear about which companies never showed up on the big day, showed up with the wrong food or changed the price after arriving at the venue. Researching a local delicatessen that caters can also give you an idea as to whether they can handle the trends you want to use. Before meeting with those caterers and planning your menu, you may want to take a look at some of the hottest trends for 2017 weddings.

Local Ingredients

One of the hottest wedding food trends that your deli can work with involves the use of local ingredients. When you buy local foods, the finished dishes just taste better. Some caterers try to save money and scrimp on final costs through the use of packaged ingredients and ingredients grown all across the country. Many couples look for catering services that work with local suppliers and growers. Fresh vegetables and fruits can provide you with dishes that your guests will swoon over for weeks. Caterers can use everything from strawberries and lettuce to pork and chicken grown locally.

Skipping the Cake

When most people think of a wedding reception, they think of the elegant white cake that the caterer rolls out near the end of the night. You can pick from a wide selection of flavor combinations like classic white cake with vanilla frosting, red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting or a chocolate cake covered in a rich fudge ganache. Some couples flip the idea on its head with the use of desserts that are a little different. Instead of serving a basic cake, they offer cupcakes, brownies, cookies or even an ice cream bar that lets guests make their own sundaes.

Unique Meal Times

The wedding reception typically takes place within an hour of the end of the ceremony. Couples typically marry in the late afternoon and serve guests dinner. To stay on top of food and catering trends, opt for a more unique meal time. Serve breakfast dishes like pancakes, waffles, bacon and sausage first thing in the morning. Brunch is another good option. After a ceremony earlier in the day, guests can sit down to dishes like smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, bagels and fresh fruit. You can even set up an omelet station and have a chef make fresh omelets for your guests.

Not all wedding receptions feature a traditional sit down dinner or even a buffet. Couples now want unique foods and services that will make their weddings stand out. Your caterer can help you select unique meal times, bring in fresh ingredients or offer different desserts to help you stay on trend. For more information, please visit Greensville Gourmet to find additional resources.

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